How Do You Choose?

Ok, you have a house you want to sell. You have been trying to do this for most of last year but you have had little success. In your mind, you put in your best effort to get the property moving. But you know that the more time a house for sale stays unsold in the market, the lower you may get in sales once the deal closes. And while you have been trying to cut back on costs by doing everything yourself, you realize you need help.


How do you choose the ‘best’ broker? Truth be told, the description ‘best’ is very subjective. Naturally, you want to go with someone who has experience and success in selling houses. But more than track record, you need to research. Ask your friends for references or get feedback about the person. Reputation is a huge thing in real estate so that is a good gauge of a person’s ability. Then talk to your options and choose the person who has a great record, great feedback, and who you feel really understands you and your house.

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