Will you Buy A House Now?


The whole world is trying to survive a crisis these days and apparently one thing you may disregard for now is buying a house or property investments. Timing is essential when it comes to properties and for sure, now is the worst time to do so especially if your funds will not allow it.

We all want our own homes for future resting places but I guess that will have to wait. Until the economies stabilize, you just have to ride with the tide for the meantime. Life is hard these days so the need to save up is a given and necessity.

Eccentric Ideas at Home in the Real Estate Business (Part 1)

logos.jpgAn article on the San Francisco Chronicle” tells of a story regarding the lengths people (real estates agents) are going or turning to just to stay in the business. Strategies such as a Florida agent who made a market for people who love the nude in the sunny and resort state having a tagline saying “Skip the outfit, wear the lifestyle”. Another area that has seen much improvement is the aspect of agents who offer specially chosen homes for pet lovers and those who love other animals, recommending those areas whose neighborhoods which have good reception regarding pets. Nearby parks, animal clinics and other people in the neighborhood who may have the same passion for pets are banding together in getting Fido the best possible place to live and be loved along with his family. There are a lot of pet owners who have had to turn down offers for properties that they love only to find out that the place does not allow pets.

KB Homes

kb.jpgAnother casualty of the housing market’s slowdown is KB Housing which is getting a sharp decline in share values according to JPM Security analysts. The housing firm lost almost 270 billion US Dollars that translates to something around $ 3.47 per share which lowered the share values of the firm sending it into the downward spin it is currently in. Excess houses translate to sleeping investments that should have otherwise been turned back into cash for re-injection into the company. There were so many factors that contributed to the housing crash that companies were just not able to cope and recover enough to stay in business. Insurance Carriers have already packed up their bags and left problem areas leaving unsold houses unattractive for they couldn’t be insured. This event further dismayed possible home buyers getting them to stand down and wait for more favorable conditions.

Wills, Testaments and Death? ( Part -2 )

will2.jpgEven if a piece of land or estate was to die for, a legal battle between all concerned parties is a sure turn off to any buyer however wealthy they may be. Then sample had sisters with a well to do mother who suddenly died and left the said property to them which was quite admirable at least. The process that should have taken a couple of days (a few weeks at the most) took a couple of months which was to the disgust of agents for many a supposed buyers lost favor for the property however lovely it was and as it turns out the legal battle has locked the property leaving it�s fate up to the courts to decide as it slowly withers away into disrepair.

Life as a Realtor | The Three I’s



Entering a real estate career means engaging oneself into a competitive and fragmented industry. According to a recent study in 2005, most real estate agents work independently as contractors even though they are affiliated with brokerage firms. Most realtors use up their own savings in developing their business to compete for potential clients considering the fact that brokerage firms can support them in brand advertising and in administration.


Hard work and determination are the characteristics that will take a real estate career on top. As Adam Aguilar, a real estate agent in West Toluca Lake, CA, had mentioned in an interview about becoming a realtor, “Is it a tough time to a real estate career? Yes, it is. Does that mean you should not do it? It depends on your reasons for becoming one. It is not easy money. It is what you put into it in the form of hard work. By hard work, I mean going out and being a salesperson…not spending tons of money on ads and wait for people to start knocking on your door.”


A real estate agent as a profession is not truly a stable job. Not only anyone are barely present and willing to be of assistance, but there are other parameters that may lead to the fall down of the real estate market. According to Amy Hoark, the list of 10 things needed to take into deep thoughts as it can affect the business in the next 10 to 30 years are (1) aging population, (2) student debt burdens, (3) public funding, (4) changing demand for office space, (5) changing demand for retail space, (6) liquidity in the real estate capital markets, (7) global change and uncertainty, (8) more sustainability in the workplace, (9) overvalued commercial products, (10) political gridlock. (Click to see in detail)

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Starting a Real Estate Career | What You Need


It is not as costly as it sounds when entering into a real estate career. Yes, it may be timely before making any successful transactions and receiving incomes, but getting started is not as expensive compared to other business careers. There are eight things a realtor needs to establish:

1. Real Estate License

Of course, without professional training, why would a client entrust a part one of his big decisions he has to make to a non-legitimate realtor. Getting a license it not difficult. One only has to take an exam after having to undergo training. The only complications, probably, is the fact that licensure varies per state.

2. MLS Access

With an access through Multiple Listing Service, finding a list of properties for buying and selling clients would be more efficient. Though MLS charges a certain fee every month.

3. Computer

This is for research purposes and formality of reports in meetings.

4. Smart Phone

As a real estate agent, updates should be accessible anytime, anywhere. Receiving of constant calls from clients, setting up of appointments, and the like are most likely to occur anytime.

5. Car

To make oculars of property more convenient, especially with clients, getting a car, it does not have to be fancy, would make everything more accessible and efficient.

6. Business Cards

Though this is not popular anymore, it is better to keep one in your pocket at all times for potential clients.

7. Signage

In spite of the signs needed in advertising, it is also better to have a signage that marks a profession as a real estate agent.

8. Clothing

Dressing up professionally is very essential in the business world. Invest on nice clothing to have clients invest on you.

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Starting a Real Estate Career


Having a profession as a real estate agent is not easy money. Before getting a license, discernment is a must whether one is truly eager with sensible and ambitious reasons. Because a freshly baked from the oven realtor means have to start from scratch.

Without any financial reserves, becoming a realtor is not possible. Before actually receiving any income, a real estate agent usually has to wait for four months, if lucky, or more. Yes, it may be easy to get hired after getting a license, but chances are, having to sell something will take a really long time unless one already has a great marketing background and experience dealing with people.

Time management and hard work are the main keys to becoming a successful realtor. A real estate agent does not necessarily mean having a great amount of your savings or earnings spent on advertisements alone, waiting for a client to step into your front porch. What a real estate agent does is personally exposing oneself in promoting and selling their properties (consisting of lands or buildings) either in stores or other visiting locations to get negotiations.

According to George Szkup, a licensed realtor in Tucson, being a real estate agent means being on your own. The only help you can get is occasional advices from others which does not necessarily mean people with the same profession as you since entering into the world of realtors mean entering into a competitive industry. A real estate agent does not work only for others, but also for themselves. The distance their career can go is dependent on the effort they exert. Ergo, a realtor should have characteristics of being ambitious, organized, dedicated, friendly, goal-oriented, and persevering.

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Why Realtors are Complex


Having a profession as a realtor is not an easy task to partake. There are varying a realtor has to be familiar with. As a one-man profession, it is difficult to keep up in each parameter. Three roles are listed and elaborated below.

1. Realtors are social media managers

In the business world, there will always be a buyer and a seller. Ergo, the main goal is to be more advantageous than others. As the job of realtors are related to marketing, the job to monitor, furnish, and sustain a property to maintain the presence of it to the social media is trusted upon them by the client.

2. Realtors are marketing directors

Since the probability of selling a property is higher when certain revisions are conducted, it is the job of realtors to practically plan the budget based on the knowledge of their profession and utilize their creativity on their expertise in advertising such as campaigns. A realtor has to think like a buyer and a seller in order to for the business to run continuously and obtain appropriate negotiations. Mainly, it is the responsibility of realtors to oversee the operations and marketing campaigns of the properties they are liable for.

3. Realtors are data analysts

In the business world, everything is dynamical and imminent. Some things are even unexpected. That is why it is the responsibility of realtors to gain knowledge of statistical probabilities of each variable one can encounter in the field such as taxes, future urban development plans and the like because no matter how perfect the property is, it has no value if it is poorly situated.

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Why an Open House is in Need of a Realtor


Preparation for an open house should be thoroughly executed. You know what they say, first impressions never last, so better make it count. Hiring a realtor helps display a great composition of the property being sold. With the expertise of the profession, a seller can get tips and advices you cannot obtain just from anyone but a realtor.

Advices as such are the following:

  1. Absence of the owners of the house during an open house – there may be a rush of visit to the potential buyers when owners are within the property for the purpose of avoiding disturbance and ignorance.
  2. Removal or lockage of valuables – loss of jewelries, gadgets, valuable currencies and coins may lead to unwanted issues.
  3. Attendance on potential hazardous areas and items – it is best to guide potential buyers on areas in the house where damages and imminent unfortunate events can easily occur.
  4. Avoidance of bad possible source of bad odors –  as mentioned before, first impressions never last. Cooking food with a smell that can stick in the room can cause a dislike on the interest of buying the property.

Even the slightest defect can push away potential buyers. Minor revisions should be taken into consideration, even costs, as long as it is practical. Realtors help the house to become a property in demand with practical alterations. Some of the basic things to consider before an open house are the flood coverings, doors, lighting, pet areas (if any), kitchen, bathrooms, other rooms, and outside the house (such as exterior surfaces, gates, driveways, pools, etc.).

There are more things to take into account of and make revisions of. Hiring a realtor makes an open house more warm and desirable. As long as you have one, you have nothing to worry about.

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Why Hire a Realtor


If there is one thing you should know about realtors is that realtors do not wear just one pair of shoes. Realtors, generally, are recognized only through their expertise in marketing with the help and advices one gets in negotiations and transactions. However, the real question is, how do they do it? Realtors are not just client advocates. Wrapped up into one, they are also social media managers, data analysts, and marketing directors.

Since realtors provide the best financing options for the situation of the clients, especially for home-buying clients, purchases through a real estate agent has increased drastically over the years. From a share of 69% of home buyers, purchases had increased up to 88%. Homeowners, on the other hand, rely the search of the most qualified buyer to the realtor. Since the market is dynamical, realtors aim to surpass the expected for the knowledge to be exchanged to their clients.

One of the great things trained to a professional realtor is its objective voice of reason. Realtors help clients conduct negotiations and transactions with no personal affairs. In addition, knowing the fact that realtors have many networking connections, they know several contractors that can lead them to potential home buyers and sellers.

It is always better to be informed on what you are immersing yourself into, especially in big decisions and life-long choices, such as having to deal with big transactions. With all that said, the benefit from hiring a realtor is its efficient facilitation of negotiations to transactions and great and reasonable resources offers.

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