Eccentric Ideas at Home in the Real Estate Business (Part 1)

logos.jpgAn article on the San Francisco Chronicle” tells of a story regarding the lengths people (real estates agents) are going or turning to just to stay in the business. Strategies such as a Florida agent who made a market for people who love the nude in the sunny and resort state having a tagline saying “Skip the outfit, wear the lifestyle”. Another area that has seen much improvement is the aspect of agents who offer specially chosen homes for pet lovers and those who love other animals, recommending those areas whose neighborhoods which have good reception regarding pets. Nearby parks, animal clinics and other people in the neighborhood who may have the same passion for pets are banding together in getting Fido the best possible place to live and be loved along with his family. There are a lot of pet owners who have had to turn down offers for properties that they love only to find out that the place does not allow pets.

February Home Sales Moving ?!?

endinsightThe bailout may be responsible for this sudden rise in the figures pertaining to new home sales for last month showing some positive movement. It may be too early to say if it is indeed the much awaited recovery but it went as soon as it came. People have been looking hard at the figures with skepticism and with good cause. They were right and the move was a simple glitch in the prevailing mood of the real estate market. Maybe the economic bailout is having a somewhat temporary effect on the economy that is being reflected in these figures, time will tell. Read more »

HUD Chief – Bails Out

pressure.jpgThe Chief of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Alphonso Jackson steps down from his office due to pressure from Congress amidst rumors of an ethics committee investigation. He is to leave office officially on the 28th. of April which is seen by some as a sure sign of the White House’s search for a solution to the current housing market problems that is leaving people out of their homes. He has been accused of ethics violations which involves favoritism in the selection of HUD contractors. One case in particular has his department (when Jackson was still a construction manager during the Katrina Disaster rebuilding period) receiving more than $300,000 along with a friend.

House Construction Permits – Fail Expectations

permits.jpgMoves for housing starts and construction permits continue to be down as the housing market enters a seemingly surreal state of non-movement. Excess supplies of homes with no buyers and almost no applications for the construction of new ones compared to other years. This solidifies the belief that most if not all people who are thinking of purchasing or buying new houses have moved to halt all plans in hopes of waiting for the smell of stability in the air. The expulsion of the HUD’s director signifies the dire need for more regulation, monitoring and control of most agencies that handle financial resources. Corruption has become commonplace that many do it yet never admit to it. Permits issuance in the Northeast and South were indeed positive while in the Midwest it was down a miserable 10.65 with the West faring worst at a decline of almost 20%.

Don’t Throw Away Your Earnings for Nothing


People work hard to save and normally this is aimed at buying properties once they have the proper funds to make a purchase. Now if saving is long enough, observe why people are not all that impressed initially. They will always want to make the most of what they have and choose carefully. It is not easy to disburse money for a property especially if you haven’t done your homework.

Earnings are hard to set aside. But you will always want the best for what you have sacrificed. If you make the right choice and the proper analysis, the final decision is something you will live in for the rest of your life until you retire.

Housing Woes = Bad Credit , or is it Bad Credit = Housing Woes

woes.jpgMortgage rates are the main culprit in the current housing crisis that has swept America by surprise leaving many people without houses and not the other way round. Many in the real estate market wish to clear this up for many are blaming them for the sub-prime credit problems which were in fact the cause of the very much unstable housing market. Forecasts of a slowing economy coupled with a rise in unemployment insurance claims have further complicated the situation preventing it from bouncing back to acceptable levels. Insurance firms are opting not to renew housing insurance due to high risks of ending up with tons of foreclosed properties that nobody wants to buy. The money market shouts “Housing Market Depression”, yet financial markets are faring worse for the US dollar is losing strength especially when the Euro is gaining ground on financial markets all over the world.

Asian Women’s Fund | What To Do With Your Fund: Relocate or Remodel?

One of the big questions a person comes across with in one of his phases in life is what to do with the money he has saved. For comfort women, who had received funds and is having a dilemma of whether how to spend the money on in terms of shelter, provided is a list advantages and disadvantages of relocating or remodeling.


Giving a brief background, the Asian Women’s Fund is a fund allotted in 1994 by the Japanese government for comfort women across the continent such as Indonesia, Netherlands, South Korea, Philippines, and Taiwan. It is distributed to compensate the painful and immeasurable experiences comfort women had undergone through. With the fund dissolved to each comfort women on 2007 of March, along with a sign apology from the prime minister of Japan, saying, “As Prime Minister of Japan, I thus extend anew my most sincere apologies and remorse to all the women who underwent immeasurable and painful experiences and suffered incurable physical and psychological wounds as comfort women.”



Moving into a place you are in favor of may be excitingly scary, but negotiations of selling and purchasing can be very stressful.


  1. Getting a fresh start
  2. Having more focus on your family
  3. Familiarity with financing options
  4. Favorable income-tax consequences


  1. Cost of transaction is very high
  2. Logistically hassle


Even though you are staying to an environment you may be already tired of, renovating can make your rooms just the way you like it.


  1. Cheaper
  2. Customizable
  3. Familiarity with surroundings


  1. Construction Hassles

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Will There be Enough Land to Develop?


One thing you will notice is that land developers seem to want to fill the empty lots with improvements like condominiums that will serve as new homes for the modern people up and about in most communities today.

You may also want to note that at this point, most people are finding it hard to put up the standard homes of yesteryears. Lands are almost filled up and the usual recourse is to check a condominium unit which does not really suit the needs of most people today.

But with so limited choices, people just have to consider their options. They are not that many as we speak.

Why Hire a Realtor


If there is one thing you should know about realtors is that realtors do not wear just one pair of shoes. Realtors, generally, are recognized only through their expertise in marketing with the help and advices one gets in negotiations and transactions. However, the real question is, how do they do it? Realtors are not just client advocates. Wrapped up into one, they are also social media managers, data analysts, and marketing directors.

Since realtors provide the best financing options for the situation of the clients, especially for home-buying clients, purchases through a real estate agent has increased drastically over the years. From a share of 69% of home buyers, purchases had increased up to 88%. Homeowners, on the other hand, rely the search of the most qualified buyer to the realtor. Since the market is dynamical, realtors aim to surpass the expected for the knowledge to be exchanged to their clients.

One of the great things trained to a professional realtor is its objective voice of reason. Realtors help clients conduct negotiations and transactions with no personal affairs. In addition, knowing the fact that realtors have many networking connections, they know several contractors that can lead them to potential home buyers and sellers.

It is always better to be informed on what you are immersing yourself into, especially in big decisions and life-long choices, such as having to deal with big transactions. With all that said, the benefit from hiring a realtor is its efficient facilitation of negotiations to transactions and great and reasonable resources offers.

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Realtors Praise Government Efforts But Say More Can be Done

The real estate group who call themselves the Real Realtors were asked to represent the business in front of lawmakers to give an overall figure of the status of the industry form their eyes. They say they are happy with the moves the government has taken but also say that more can be done, fueling rumors that there may be another move to get another round of bailouts on the hill. From the Tax Incentives being given to first time home buyers, to the refinancing schemes that are benefiting millions, they are indeed making a difference. The Real estate industry has been struggling to cope with immense losses both from the collapse of the industry and the economy as a whole. These professionals are also trying to weather out the storm, barely having any business left in the financially troubled market, hoping that an end would be in sight, but so far it’s farther than most want.

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