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For many people, the process of selling or buying property feels like a formidable chore. It’s a process that can be time-consuming, stressful, and expensive. No matter how much you research about a property and its location, it can still end up costing you more than you are prepared to shell out. And if you’re a seller who’s trying to dispose of your property, one wrong move can cost you so much time, effort and money.

One way to minimize risk and expense is to deal with a reputable agent. These trained professionals will usually have a good idea on what will make your house sell, such as what renovations and additions you’ll need to make. They might also have a better idea of the value of your property. What’s more, unless you’ve got a lot of time on your hands, you won’t be able to chase the leads or create the contacts a broker already has.

House of Sharing

There is a house built in 1995 and is occupied by seven Korean women in their 70s and 80s with stories to tell. This house is called the House of Sharing. It is located at approximately 45 minutes southeast of Seoul in Gyeonggi Province in Korea. The women, as they claim to be, are comfort women. During the World War II, they were taken as sex slaves along with 200,000 other young women from different countries in Asia. They have met other Vietnamese comfort women, Japanese comfort women and more, who had shared the same fate as them. Though based from their stories, the majority of the comfort women are Korean. It is painful to hear how occupants felt shame and abandonment from their families due to the secrecy they have to keep. The seven elderly comfort women were compelled to keep their suffering a secret even up to this day. But the courage of Kim Hak-soon, the first elderly who publicly testified her experience in 1991, became the starting voice of the other suffering former comfort women around their nation.


The house somehow served as a museum to the public where stories and documentary evidences are viewed and shown, and where period pieces are displayed. This was established to care for a handful of these frequently-ill former comfort women. The House of Sharing was donated by Korea’s Joggye Buddhist Order located on the outskirts of Gwangju, in Gyeonggi Province. The idea of putting up a Museum of Sexual Slavery by the Japanese Military was only then applied three years after it was built.


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Hitching with Reliable Realtors


Today, there are tons of realtors in the world today and apparently they are aiming to get your attention. They have a lot of projects to offer and for sure you will have your share of leaflets and brochures to choose from. While they may be appealing thanks to presentation, keep your mind in check. Do not be infatuated with what you initially see.

There are more things to see in real estate opportunities. Location, amenities and provisions, all of these are important. You just have to look at it as a whole and not from a perspective which is always aimed to mislead you.

US Foreclosures Climb 112% from the First Quarter of 2007

foreclose.jpgAn online real estate tracking system that monitors all major housing markets releases their foreclosure market report for the first quarter of 2008, with a very sad trend to report. The foreclosure rate has climbed 112% from the first quarter of last year. This is sure sign that there may be credence to the forecasts of economic expert Schiller with him saying that all the signs are there for the situation to go worse and that there is no other way for it to go. Trends such as vacant homes, new houses and mortgage defaults are all going opposite ways and people are set to lose homes at a massive scale. An estimated 2 million homeowners are facing foreclosure and the government’s move to provide tax relief and state measures like the actions of the New Hope programs in New York are all doing good but not good enough and are just taking too long for any significant changes to be felt.

Raising the Value of Your Home

There are tips many professionals will give you that can help you raise the value of your home without sacrificing too much in the way of budget and expense. In fact, it may surprise you that many real estate brokers and professionals will advise against any major remodeling repairs if this is done with the idea that the money spent here can be recovered after the sale of the house. Remodeling like adding a garden or a swimming pool may add to the value of your home but this is often not enough to recoup what was initially spent.

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So here are a few tips a homeowner can do to add value to their home without taking away too much from his or her budget. A fresh repaint and re-varnish is the extent of major home work but simple things like proper maintenance, correct packaging, and some old-fashioned restyling can add a lot of value. Fixing small home repairs will take away more from the sale price of a house that it would to get the repair done so proper maintenance in general is always cheaper. You can reposition furniture, add small things like new air fresheners to greet prospective buyers, and add things that have a burst of color here and there. These are simple, inexpensive tips to add value and charm to your home.

Negotiate A Fair Price with Realtors


One point of discussion that will surely suffice will be the area of price and inclusion in the sale of a property. For most buyers, it would be best to agree on a certain price which does not necessarily mean that it is somewhere between the area of practically giving away.

With proper documentation and appraisal, realtors will assist and make sure that you everything is in place. Before you decide on anything, it is important to check out the validity of everything about the property. The last thing you would want is to buy a property that has some legal restrictions behind it.

Tax Discounts – Coming Soon

foreclosedAs the government tries to help homeowners who have suffered greatly in the collapse of the sub-prime lending market, tax cuts are being planned for homeowners by the government. As we all know, the recession bit hard leaving many without homes and sending them out to the unemployment lines. Many people who have managed to keep their homes from foreclosures have done so with aid from the state and federal government in the previous attempts to bolster not only the housing market but the economy as a whole. People are still stunned at taxes the government imposes annually but these are to change with the introduction of tax discounts for homeowners. Many homeowners who lost their homes due to foreclosures have been decimated by the loss of their hard earned homes, many of which are now owned by banks and other financial institutions who could not sell them to cover for the investment they have in them. Many hope the downturn for prices have gone rock-bottom more than predicted.

Swapping properties, Why Not?

houseswap.jpgThe idea has been discusses in previous posts and more and more people are finding it the next best thing to getting a new house to replace the one you already own. Swapping has grown considerably in the past years as less and less people are buying houses, with more selling than buyers, why not get two sellers together and sole each other’s troubles. Online sites like, DomuSwap and offers their services for free or minimal charges. Swapping might seem pretty straightforward but it is actually quite complicated for two selling parties go and get mortgages for each other’s properties. They may also have one side a bit on the low in the price war but hey, I’d bet it’s better than keeping your old house.

Home Improvement: Plumbing

Plumbing disasters are very problematic. Not only that the repairs and additional installation are very costly, the sanity and other affecting mechanical disasters are at risk. Follow the advices to help prevent problems regarding plumbing.



Do Not Go Galvanic

The installation of the plumbs in residential water systems are often the mix of copper and galvanized steel. This is a problematic issue as it causes corrosion in the system. The remedy to fix this is to use a plumbing fitting called a dielectric union. It is used to connect the copper pipe and galvanized steel. With this, it helps keep the copper pipe and the galvanized steel separated, and result to a trouble-free water system for years as long as the connection is tight.

Flow Out, Not Back

Back flow occurs in water systems when there is a sudden drop of water pressure. The fact that the direction of the water is opposite to the direction on how it normally flows can cause leaks in the system. The remedy to this issue is to use a vacuum-breaker fittings. These fittings prevent the water from back flowing.

Know Where Your Pipes Are

When leakage occurs, it is always better to know the location of your pipes to determine where the leaks are originating from. Knowing the map of your pipes lessens the risk of having to spend much.

Cut Right, Fit Tight

During the installation of the water system, it is best to take consideration of all the parts to be neatly cut. In doing so, one should buy the materials/equipments most recommended for the procedure.

How Hard Is It To Be a Real Estate Agent?


The process of becoming a real estate agent is not that difficult. Simple, one merely must have to be get educated. The next step is to choose a brokerage. Then after one should get their license, though this may take a long process due to the requirements one must have to meet. The next step is to develop a real estate agent budget, where this should be thought of beforehand. After contemplating on the budget, one must make a realtor/real estate agent decision. Then lastly, build a client/referral portfolio. Following these six steps is not as hard as anyone thinks. However, making a living out of it is the hard part.

Being a real estate agent is very risky. There is not anyone you can really depend on but yourself. Let’s face it, it is not really a stable job. Although the increase of population increases the change of a real estate agent to conduct negotiations, their job is dependent on the house market. Especially, the fact that as a certain location gets urbanized due time, the higher the pricing gets. Not everyone can afford a very high cost in buying a house especially in places with a low economic state. But not only this is one of the significant hardships a real estate agent experiences, the competition amongst them is also difficult. Being a real estate agent means one should have a lot of connections with good relationships. The process of becoming one may be easy, but one should clearly think about what one is getting in to.

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