Swapping properties, Why Not?

houseswap.jpgThe idea has been discusses in previous posts and more and more people are finding it the next best thing to getting a new house to replace the one you already own. Swapping has grown considerably in the past years as less and less people are buying houses, with more selling than buyers, why not get two sellers together and sole each other’s troubles. Online sites like OnlineHouseTrading.com, DomuSwap and GoSwap.org offers their services for free or minimal charges. Swapping might seem pretty straightforward but it is actually quite complicated for two selling parties go and get mortgages for each other’s properties. They may also have one side a bit on the low in the price war but hey, I’d bet it’s better than keeping your old house.

Home Improvement: Plumbing

Plumbing disasters are very problematic. Not only that the repairs and additional installation are very costly, the sanity and other affecting mechanical disasters are at risk. Follow the advices to help prevent problems regarding plumbing.



Do Not Go Galvanic

The installation of the plumbs in residential water systems are often the mix of copper and galvanized steel. This is a problematic issue as it causes corrosion in the system. The remedy to fix this is to use a plumbing fitting called a dielectric union. It is used to connect the copper pipe and galvanized steel. With this, it helps keep the copper pipe and the galvanized steel separated, and result to a trouble-free water system for years as long as the connection is tight.

Flow Out, Not Back

Back flow occurs in water systems when there is a sudden drop of water pressure. The fact that the direction of the water is opposite to the direction on how it normally flows can cause leaks in the system. The remedy to this issue is to use a vacuum-breaker fittings. These fittings prevent the water from back flowing.

Know Where Your Pipes Are

When leakage occurs, it is always better to know the location of your pipes to determine where the leaks are originating from. Knowing the map of your pipes lessens the risk of having to spend much.

Cut Right, Fit Tight

During the installation of the water system, it is best to take consideration of all the parts to be neatly cut. In doing so, one should buy the materials/equipments most recommended for the procedure.

How Hard Is It To Be a Real Estate Agent?


The process of becoming a real estate agent is not that difficult. Simple, one merely must have to be get educated. The next step is to choose a brokerage. Then after one should get their license, though this may take a long process due to the requirements one must have to meet. The next step is to develop a real estate agent budget, where this should be thought of beforehand. After contemplating on the budget, one must make a realtor/real estate agent decision. Then lastly, build a client/referral portfolio. Following these six steps is not as hard as anyone thinks. However, making a living out of it is the hard part.

Being a real estate agent is very risky. There is not anyone you can really depend on but yourself. Let’s face it, it is not really a stable job. Although the increase of population increases the change of a real estate agent to conduct negotiations, their job is dependent on the house market. Especially, the fact that as a certain location gets urbanized due time, the higher the pricing gets. Not everyone can afford a very high cost in buying a house especially in places with a low economic state. But not only this is one of the significant hardships a real estate agent experiences, the competition amongst them is also difficult. Being a real estate agent means one should have a lot of connections with good relationships. The process of becoming one may be easy, but one should clearly think about what one is getting in to.

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Fall of Housing Starts in U.S.


The housing starts began to fall in the residential real estate in the United States. Statistics shows that there is a decline of 1.6 percent, the fist drop since August 2014, in the housing starts from a 1.05 million annualized rate to 1.03 million. The results are based from the estimates of the Commerce Department showed as figures in Washington. It was said that the decrease was led by a plunge in the South since other areas still registered gains.

It was also perceived that the building permits also fell back in November 2014. One positive outcome from this result would be the pushing down of interest rates. When such event occurs, home buying will be within reach for more American next year.

According to Hovnanian, he commented how the housing market has been more challenging for the past year. He says, “Ultimately, demographics are in our favor, and consumers should buy homes at an increased rate in the future. Simply put, the population in number of households in the U.S. is growing, and the nation is building fewer homes today than it needs to meet demand over the long term.

All the conditions for stronger residential investment are in place for 2015,” said Ryan Sweet, a senior economist at Moody’s Analytics Inc. in West Chester, Pennsylvania, who forecast starts would slow to a 1.03 million pace. “An improving job market is going to do wonders for the housing market.”

Luckily, due to the real estate recovery, statistics have shown how the housing market will be more affordable next year compared to last year.

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Treat Second Hand Homes Equally with New Ones


The choice of home will always be up for scrutiny. This is because people will always want a new home. But don’t discount old homes for sale just yet. While they may be what you will call the used homes, consider their location and their worth. For most, the actual value of the home is really the most important thing today.

This is a good consideration for people who want to get their ideal place to live in. Besides, you can always remodel or tear it down to put up a new one when you have the funds to finance it.

Radon and the Value of your House

radon.jpgRadon is a very well known radioactive gas that occurs naturally in nature in gas form. Out in the open, its all natural but confined within a confined space cush as a house, not good. The gas is estimated to be the most likely cause of 15% of all lung cancers in non- smokers and that it is one of the least priority for most homeowners who don’t seem to be bothered by the fact it’s radioactive. For a responsible homeowner who would be selling a house, you might want to tell your prospective buyer about a problem if indeed you do have it. Better yet, why not have a ventilation system installed that could vent the gas out into the atmosphere where it could do not harm to anyone. That would not only prevent it from influencing the value of your house, but you can also rest easier that your buyer is getting a safe home without that deadly gas.

Home Improvement Tips

  1. Credit cards can serve as a glue spreader or shims. Keep them.
  2. Lubricate with wax or soap when driving screws into dense hardwoods to prevent stripping the hole.
  3. When fastening templates, a double sided carpet tape is enough to prevent leaving nail or screw holes.
  4. An old electric carving knife can be used as an alternative as a foam saw for upholstery projects.
  5. To prevent the grip of the hammer with the nail head from slipping, sand the head of the hammer with a sandpaper.
  6. Do not work with electrical and plumbing projects you are not really knowledgeable about. It may cost even more damage and is also dangerous.
  7. Place a masking tape on the surface of a ceramic tile or a stone when drilling through it. This method will make the drilling easier and will help place the drill at one place.
  8. Save money by shopping at a local re-use center for bathroom renovations. There are still several great pieces of marble or granite left over from larger jobs that can be a right size for a bathroom countertop.
  9. Make sure to teach your family and yourself how to turn off the main water shut-off valve incase of emergency.
  10. An installation of a whole-house water filter does not only provide clean water, but it also reduces the chance of having to clean up the pipes. This will save up many costly repair for bills.
  11. Regularly schedule a maintenance in your house to keep its preservation. Always keep outside elements from the house such as water, wind, cold, and heat.

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Comfort Women Houses Saved


One month before the scheduled demolition of the old buildings in Nanjing, it was saved and finally recognized as a city-level historical heritage. Historians had been protesting to the city government for 11 years to spare the buildings, though it was not effective, the on-going conflict between China and Japan is what kept the building intact.

No 2 and No 18 of the Liji Lane in Nanjing, Jiangsu province cannot be found in any of the online maps or GPS systems. However, the seven three-storey brick buildings in the streets used to be one of the largest houses for comfort women in East Asia from 1939 to 1945. The Japanese army had set up more than forty comfort women houses in Nanjing, though there are only four houses left as the rest were demolished and converted to commercial buildings and parking lots.

Hundreds of former comfort women from China and South Korea had gathered at the site to protect the houses by persuading the city government to stop the demolition back in 2003. Unfortunately, the application of the buildings to be a city-level historical-heritage did not appeal to the local officials. The government could not set aside special funds to repair and protect the buildings.

Historians from Beijing, Shanghai, an Nanjing tried to compromise with the interests of the city government from time to time in order to protect the buildings. In 2012, the efforts of persuasion almost paid off. It came to a term of agreement by the Baixia government in making a museum out of the buildings. However, no official brought out the plan after the Baixia district government merged with the Qinhuai district government. The implementation of the plan never happened and the agreement no longer existed.

Luckily, there was an unexpected turn out of events. The Qinhuai district government took initiative to discuss with experts the possibility of recognizing No 2 and No 18 of Liji Lane as a historical heritage. The action is said to be a one of the series of countermeasures taken by the Chinese government against the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for he denies their war history along with the provocations of revising Japan’s pacifist constitution.


Image by Yang in ChinaDaily and Oi in BBC



多くに人達にとって、不動産を売買する事は手に負えないような仕事に感じる。 時間の消費、ストレスが多く、そしてお金のかかる過程だ。 あなたがどれだけ不動産や土地を調べても、しぶしぶとお金を払う予定以上の金額がかかる事がある。 そしてもしあなたが不動産を処分しようとしているのなら、間違った行動はたくさんの時間、努力、そしてお金がかかることになる。

リスクと費用を最小に抑える方法のひとつは、評判の良いエージェントと取引する事だ。 熟練した不動産のプロは通常どのような改築、追加をする必要があるかのように、あなたの家を売る良いアイデアを持ち、 またあなたの土地の価値に対する良い考えを持っている。 もっと言うと、あなたがたくさん時間を持っていない限り指導を追跡できないだろう、又はすでにいるブローカーと連絡を取り合うことだ。

You and Your Real Estate Agent

Image Source:acertifiedweb.com

Whether you are buying or selling, the load is lighter when working with a real estate agent. To have a harmonious working relationship with your agent, you need to establish the basic principles of your relationship. There are instances where, as a buyer, you want the agent to represent only you(as a buyer’s agent). If you have a buyer’s agent agreement,the agent can’t share personal information without your express permission. If the agent represents only the buyer, then he/she gets compensation from the buyer alone. If the agent represents both the buyer and the seller, then he/she gets compensation from both. The dual agent is expected to exercise fair practice in conducting business with both the buyer and the seller. There are times when the real estate company itself is dual meaning they assign a different agent for a buyer and another one for the seller to have more distinction in roles and foster more confidentiality.

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