Condo’s – In for Second-home buyers

condos.jpgAlong with foreigners, second home buyers are going for condos for their vacation housing needs than investing in the local housing market. This is only one of the few sectors isn’t he housing industry that has managed to maintain a steady if not rising amount of sales and these properties are going strong. Martha’s Vineyard has taken up the call and others are following suit. Out with luxury hotels and lavish furnishings and in with modest condo’s, some of which are indeed well worth the money put into them. They even outpace the single vacation home sales market in terms of movement. People who are fed up of the financial turmoil are turning their sights to their retirement as they want to get out more and more to prevent the issues in the economy from bugging them all the time. This shows a shift in the previously work-oriented workforce, not only in the US but in the UK as well where Brit’s are preferring to go out more often on short trips more often.

Fed reduces rates by 1/2 point

rates.jpgGoing against their previously released statement of not issuing any more rate adjustments, the Fed has again reduced rates by half a percent as the economy slips deeper into financial troubles. They might not have had a choice for if they do not enact such measures, the true extent of the sub-prime lending debacle might be too much for even them to handle. As Economic policy analyst Schiller places it, if the government fails to aid the economy, the current low house prices would exceed levels that were seen during the Great Depression of 1930 when America fell into one of the hardest economic situations of all time. The current crisis is getting worse but their actions may mean the difference between a manageable and a downright uncontrollable economic problem

Housing Woes = Bad Credit , or is it Bad Credit = Housing Woes

woes.jpgMortgage rates are the main culprit in the current housing crisis that has swept America by surprise leaving many people without houses and not the other way round. Many in the real estate market wish to clear this up for many are blaming them for the sub-prime credit problems which were in fact the cause of the very much unstable housing market. Forecasts of a slowing economy coupled with a rise in unemployment insurance claims have further complicated the situation preventing it from bouncing back to acceptable levels. Insurance firms are opting not to renew housing insurance due to high risks of ending up with tons of foreclosed properties that nobody wants to buy. The money market shouts “Housing Market Depression”, yet financial markets are faring worse for the US dollar is losing strength especially when the Euro is gaining ground on financial markets all over the world.

January house sales rise – Housing market crunch over?

foreclosure.jpgHardly for the instability is very much far from over with many financers declaring losses in the millions of dollars. Insurance firms reeling in resources from the housing insurance market and refocusing them on other areas which are more profitable such as in Florida where a major insurance firm is said to be leaving 50,000 home insurance policies waiting for them to expire and not offering to renew. The government has announced plans to provide safety measures to prevent further foreclosures but that might come a bit too late for it to make and impact. Even the re-funds that are being given to Americans may not be much to help them through the mortgage rut the industry is in.

The Role of a Realtor

If you are in the market for a house, or you have decided to buy property, then there is a degree of research you need to do in order to put your plan into action. You need to look around for options, look at the market trend, get in touch with the sellers of these houses to have them schedule a time wherein you can see the houses, you have to discuss mortgage agreements, prices, discounts, interest rates, and the like. There is a lot to do, which is why there are also these individuals who are trained to help you. They are called realtors.


A realtor can do the scoping for you. You can sit and discuss what kind of house you are looking for, what your budget is, how flexible you are etc. and the realtor will do the leg work and the paper work for you. Getting a realtor may even increase the chances of you seeing houses you would otherwise not seen on your own. So if house hunting is something you are set on doing, consider getting a realtor.

What You do Better than Brokers

So there are a lot of reasons why you should get a real estate broker if you are selling property. There are a lot of ways a real estate broker can make things much easier for you. He or she should be trained to do all the administrative work for starters. He or she will be the one to field calls, sift through inquiries for serious buyers, arrange for viewing schedules, go to the viewing and pitch your house in the best possible way. A real estate broker also has the network to market your home. But there is something you can do better than any broker and will not cost a cent.

flowers in the houses

A house is always marketed better when a prospective buyer can see a future in it. You can make the house a home. In this love month, for example, use bouquets and little gifts as personal items to make the house homier. These touches can only come from someone who has lived in the house. So when marketing your place, remember the things you can add to the pciture.

Focus on Decorating for Green

Selling houses, buying houses, looking for agents, advertising, marketing, research, decisions- all of this can get pretty hectic, stressful, and confusing. Let us take a moment to step away from all this and look at the house itself. If you are selling, there are still some easy and inexpensive ways to spruce up the house and make it more appealing. If you are buying, then there are some things you can look out for that will make your possible new purchase, better and homier.


Planting and gardening always softens a house and makes it more comfortable, more lived-in, more personalized. If the house you are selling or the house you are looking to buy is smaller and does not have space for a garden, then creating potted plant areas inside can add to its charm while looking for these areas can be the things that will convince you to buy. Not only id this simple and relatively inexpensive, it is also good for the planet.

Realtors and the true REALTORs

realtor1.jpgDo you know that the logo and seal that states REALTOR indicates a real estates agent who are members of the National Association of Realtors, which is a self-governing body that is composed of real estates agents from all over the US? They are the true realtors for they are recognized by most states as authorized agents when it comes to property sales, purchases and rentals. The body is so trusted due to their strict adherence to a set Code of Ethics that is in accordance with common business practices. This means you get your money�s worth in advice or risk to loose it all with some other choice.

Existing Home Sales down 2.0 %

Home sales and prices are hitting bottom hard as previously posh neighborhoods with green lawns and filled with plants and flowers are turned into barren moon-like landscapes as house sales dwindle to ever lower levels. The figures for February shows them at 5.03 million units but March has them only at 4.03 % meaning less and less are being sold. These properties include existing single-family homes, townhouses, condominiums and co-op’s. Regionally, sales were nice in the Northeast and the West but very bad for the Midwest and South as everybody is touched by the effects of the sub-prime lending market problems that has rocked the world’s financial services.

How Do You Choose?

Ok, you have a house you want to sell. You have been trying to do this for most of last year but you have had little success. In your mind, you put in your best effort to get the property moving. But you know that the more time a house for sale stays unsold in the market, the lower you may get in sales once the deal closes. And while you have been trying to cut back on costs by doing everything yourself, you realize you need help.


How do you choose the ‘best’ broker? Truth be told, the description ‘best’ is very subjective. Naturally, you want to go with someone who has experience and success in selling houses. But more than track record, you need to research. Ask your friends for references or get feedback about the person. Reputation is a huge thing in real estate so that is a good gauge of a person’s ability. Then talk to your options and choose the person who has a great record, great feedback, and who you feel really understands you and your house.

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