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Since information is readily available from the internet, clients often ask, “Why should we hire a real estate agent?” when selling my house? First reason is because of education and experience. Acquiring the services of professionals who know more than you do, only goes to show that you are smarter than they are. Getting the right people is already half the work done and it saves you time and money in the long run. Second, agents act as buffers. If you buy new houses, your agent will keep the seller’s agents away from you. If you are a seller, your agent will screen all those calls that lead absolutely nowhere and try to persuade the “real buyers” to make an offer at the soonest possible time.

Wills, Testaments and Death? ( Part -3 )

courts.jpg�The dealings of estates and other assets are truly covered by law but as it turns out, a huge percentage of us do not have the so-called Last Will and testament which discusses in detail the legalities of who gets which and even when. The small percentage who do have them have them either incomplete or not prepared in the presence of a lawyer who must be knowledgeable of all parties and the dealing of the said will and is deemed as the executioner of the will. This avoids the in-fighting within families that who after all are fighting for their rights. This has been covered by law but compliance is strictly voluntary and many such battles are left to the courts to decide. With proper legal arrangements and with all family members in legal harmony property can be assured proper legal disposal in such cases unfortunate as death when it does come (which surely will).

February Home Sales Moving ?!?

endinsightThe bailout may be responsible for this sudden rise in the figures pertaining to new home sales for last month showing some positive movement. It may be too early to say if it is indeed the much awaited recovery but it went as soon as it came. People have been looking hard at the figures with skepticism and with good cause. They were right and the move was a simple glitch in the prevailing mood of the real estate market. Maybe the economic bailout is having a somewhat temporary effect on the economy that is being reflected in these figures, time will tell. Read more »

Realtors and the true REALTORs

realtor1.jpgDo you know that the logo and seal that states REALTOR indicates a real estates agent who are members of the National Association of Realtors, which is a self-governing body that is composed of real estates agents from all over the US? They are the true realtors for they are recognized by most states as authorized agents when it comes to property sales, purchases and rentals. The body is so trusted due to their strict adherence to a set Code of Ethics that is in accordance with common business practices. This means you get your money�s worth in advice or risk to loose it all with some other choice.

Invest for the Future

Real estate is one area that some people believe will always be somewhere to invest. After all, who would not want to own their own home? Who would not want to have more than one property if possible, if capable? These in mind, it is almost always viewed as positive to invest in real estate.


The fact that real estate in general went through a beating the past few years only placed investment on a pause and not even entirely so. People still bought and sold even when times were tough. Now, more and more are going back into property ownership. Here are some things to consider if you are doing this for the first time. Look at prices. Choose a place you can afford but also look if this is in a place that is or will be in high demand. This adds value to your investment. Second look at tax. You don’t want the highest taxes. Finally, look at schools. If these ar good or on the rise, the place will likely become, if not already, a place families will want to settle in and thus become in demand.

Why Realtors Are Better Than Real Estate Agent

Most of the times, people often think that Realtors and real estate agents are the same, but it is not. Although both are licensed to sell real estate, there’s a difference between the two. And that it boils down to membership in the National Association of Realtors. It may seem like a simple thing, but it is really a big deal. Being a member of the association means that Realtors and more trust worthy than just real estate agent. Realtors are also subscribed to the Code of Ethics.

The Code of Ethics is strictly enforced between realtors. It has its own set of rules that agents swears to follow. While there is no evidence nor guarantee that all REALTORS are morally or ethically better than unaffiliated real estate agents, it is an attempt by the industry to regulate and, as such, deserves recognition. Here are some things that a Realtor can give you that real estate agents cant.

#1) Pledge to put the interests of buyers and sellers ahead of their own and to treat all parties honestly.
#2) Shall refrain from exaggerating, misrepresenting or concealing material facts; and is obligated to investigate and disclose when situations reasonably warrant.
#3) Shall cooperate with other brokers / agents when it is in the best interests of the client to do so.
#4) Have a duty to disclose if they represent family members who own or are about to buy real estate, or if they themselves are a principal in a real estate transaction, that they are licensed to sell real estate.
#5) Shall not provide professional services in a transaction where the agent has a present or contemplated interest without disclosing that interest.

As of today, the National Association of REALTORS was founded in 1908 and has more than one million members worldwide.

Focus on Decorating for Green

Selling houses, buying houses, looking for agents, advertising, marketing, research, decisions- all of this can get pretty hectic, stressful, and confusing. Let us take a moment to step away from all this and look at the house itself. If you are selling, there are still some easy and inexpensive ways to spruce up the house and make it more appealing. If you are buying, then there are some things you can look out for that will make your possible new purchase, better and homier.


Planting and gardening always softens a house and makes it more comfortable, more lived-in, more personalized. If the house you are selling or the house you are looking to buy is smaller and does not have space for a garden, then creating potted plant areas inside can add to its charm while looking for these areas can be the things that will convince you to buy. Not only id this simple and relatively inexpensive, it is also good for the planet.

What You do Better than Brokers

So there are a lot of reasons why you should get a real estate broker if you are selling property. There are a lot of ways a real estate broker can make things much easier for you. He or she should be trained to do all the administrative work for starters. He or she will be the one to field calls, sift through inquiries for serious buyers, arrange for viewing schedules, go to the viewing and pitch your house in the best possible way. A real estate broker also has the network to market your home. But there is something you can do better than any broker and will not cost a cent.

flowers in the houses

A house is always marketed better when a prospective buyer can see a future in it. You can make the house a home. In this love month, for example, use bouquets and little gifts as personal items to make the house homier. These touches can only come from someone who has lived in the house. So when marketing your place, remember the things you can add to the pciture.

Home Business Insurance

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What type of insurance would cover a property that is both used for residential and business purposes? Is it the same product businesses get when their primary location is in the home of the owner? These are just some of the questions that may be going through the minds of businessmen who just happen to use their homes as their business address as well.

An ordinary home insurance is not fit for the purpose of the insured in this situation. Homeowners cum businessmen will find out that regular home insurance policies will not cover the specific needs of a property that is also used for business purposes. It would be ideal to look into all possible options such as those offered in

For an insurance policy to be useful, it needs to include coverage for risks that are specific to the nature of the use of the property. It is a common mistake among homeowners to presume that their businesses located in their homes will be covered by their existing home insurance policy. What the insured may not know is that he or she is actually violating the provisions of the policy by not declaring that a home also functions as a business area which could effectively void the policy.

For purposes of defining what constitutes doing business in a home in the eyes of insurance companies, a home business can be defined as any activity where money is accepted in return for goods or services rendered. Having a business name or a signage to indicate such business is not necessary to be categorized as a home business. The determination will be based on the actual use of the property.

If the existing homeowner policy does not cover a home business, it is necessary to find one which will. There are actually a number of ways to go about it. If the business is housed in a separate building from the residential home although located in the said property, homeowners can opt to get two separate policies that will cover each risk and need. Both forms of insurance will cover for the building, contents, and liability related to each. A business insurance may also provide coverage for business continuity.

Another option is to insure the home for a business insurance policy to also cover business property and liability coverage  and then cover personal property trough a renter’s insurance. If an insurance company says a home insurance policy they are offering will still cover the building in spite of the fact that a business is being conducted in the same property, it is necessary for the insured to ensure that the inclusion is written in the policy or has been acknowledged in writing by the insurance company.

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How Do You Choose?

Ok, you have a house you want to sell. You have been trying to do this for most of last year but you have had little success. In your mind, you put in your best effort to get the property moving. But you know that the more time a house for sale stays unsold in the market, the lower you may get in sales once the deal closes. And while you have been trying to cut back on costs by doing everything yourself, you realize you need help.


How do you choose the ‘best’ broker? Truth be told, the description ‘best’ is very subjective. Naturally, you want to go with someone who has experience and success in selling houses. But more than track record, you need to research. Ask your friends for references or get feedback about the person. Reputation is a huge thing in real estate so that is a good gauge of a person’s ability. Then talk to your options and choose the person who has a great record, great feedback, and who you feel really understands you and your house.

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